Courses are tailored towards aspiring Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. Though topics like math and python are universally applicable and so everyone is welcome.

Self Paced (Free)

  1. Math (Live)

2.  Python (soon)

3. Machine Learning (soon)

Self Paced or Cohort Based

  1. Deep Learning (soon)

2. Computer Vision (soon)

3. Natural Language Processing (soon)

4. Data Scientist Interview Preparation (soon)

Elements Covered

  1. Concepts
  2. Applications
  3. Code Examples
  4. Projects


  1. Videos
  2. Written
  3. Group Live Classes (Cohort based)
  4. Group Q&A (Cohort based)
  5. Personal Mentorship (Cohort based)

Other Youtube videos

  1. How to be a Data Scientist ?
  2. Why be a Data Scientist ?
  3. Difference between Data Scientist and ML Engineer ?
  4. ...