Some random project or startup ideas

  • Automatically curate the courses for every individual based on their interests, mode of learning and language
  • Freelancing for students - earn money, build skills, companies get new ideas and fresh talent at Lower rates, industrial experience for students, can be substituted for mandatory internships if needed, students with poor financial background can get tools to improve their productivity, students can show experience in their resume, could be awesome for students for whom doing menial jobs is not possible in countries like India to cover their expenses
  • Empower poor students - credit for laptops, books and other opportunities, mentorship
  • Physical ecosystem of people where they can learn, work and do things as a community. Even live together. With complete freedom on what they want to do it. Like a university ecosystem but not being told to do what to do. Collection of smart and young people.
  • Create a platform to record your thoughts and ideas, and then share it with people if you want to.A very easy way of getting it out is important. Catch every good thought or idea in its nascency. Add brainstorming along with it.
  • Have an umbrella venture with many small businesses which can become an ecosystem in itself. Some you work actively and some you hand over to others while still being the owner ~ Serial Entrepreneur
  • Create a platform where we can crowdsource a startup ~ People can offer to pay for equity similar to stock market but the founders would decide if they want to accept the money or not.
  • A tool that gives me statistical results like graphs and charts for the question I asked
  • Track what content you consume and create over the years. Knowledge and creativity maps for everyone to track patterns out of it.
  • Natural Langugage Processing bot to build FAQs automatically
  • An application or service that curates content for you based on your goals and how you decide to. What you like as well. Clean. Shows recommendations but the focus is that we choose the content we want to consume intentionally across all platforms. It could be articles, youtube videos, or podcasts. All in one place. Ultimate content consumption platform (intentional consumption)
  • Identify writers unqiue style using eigenvectors and plot similarity between different writers. Can be used to detect plagiarism as well.
  • A system to make it easy for people to implement the lessons learnt in a book.