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Fly Across The Mist

🌬 Romantic Poem
Fly Across The Mist

My heart knows no bound to the love that flows
For the magical shine of the face that glows
The waving hair that the cool breeze blows
Every passing moment my affection grows

The way our thoughts and desires align
Looks like some sort of a cosmic design
Is it a special bond made to shine
Every year tasting better like the wine

How birds do is how we mingle
Sing to the same tunes and jingle
Moments filled with joy and giggle
With the belonging of not being single

In you I see an innocent little bird
Dancing the worldly tunes with the herd
Maybe what you need is this nerd
To unfold the story of the girl unheard

To fly across the mist
Break free of the cist
While being sun kissed
Recalling our tryst

Longing for a girl like you, seemed a pity
Never knew you will manifest through serendipity
But now I’ve realised, it was you, miss witty
Will love you more than you love your kitty

Your sweet voice lingers in my head
As if beautiful poetry I just read,
Feeling its warmth before I go to bed
And quietly guessing what’s left unsaid

About you, lots to unravel, lots to uncover
Because I don’t judge a book by its cover
With you, lots to travel, lots to discover
Because we both don’t like to just hover

We fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
I wanna hold you tight and nuzzle
And your hair, I wanna just tousle
While we dine with wine in Brussel

Intuition fooled me before, it can do once more
But will still take a chance to open the door
Because romance and love is what we live for
Onus on us to not make it like a chore

Emotional connection is what we all crave,
Trusting each other while being brave
To find our vulnerabilities a cave,
And be the kindled spirits we forgave

Times may get bad I understand,
But please know you can hold my hand
And lean on me while I stand,
And wait for the things to turn la la land

I may not be the biggest, but I’m mighty
I may not be the bad boy, but I’m naughty
I may not be the funniest, but I’m fun
I may not be the fastest, but I can run

Run with me, walk with me, crawl with me
Because life is too short to just let it be
and let the youth pass by and flea,
which brings up the question to be or not to be

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.